Easy Video Editing for Your Content

Start Date:
29-Sep-21 06:30 PM
On Line via Zoom

Event Description

At August's workshop, attendees learned some easy tips about the use of video for their business' online presence. Video content continues to be a way to achieve good search rankings. 

Prior to ending the meeting, a straw poll was taken which supported the idea that September's topic should cover (very) basic editing of videos that you might shoot for your content.  The purpose of this will be to assist you to retain realism and authenticity in the video as discussed while having the wherewithal to fix up obvious things and avoid having to reshoot.

This is intended as a guideline of how to use some simple tools.  It will cover principles and is not a course in video editing. The purpose is to help you iron out any early wrinkles while also providing a signpost for the future should you wish to take editing further. 

Please note that attendance at August is not a prerequisite to obtain value from September.  Accordingly you may wish to involve colleagues.

To assist with making the workshop useful, Sid has suggested that participants might like to shoot a sample video of their own and identify any issues of concern which they come across which can then be addressed on the night.  If you wish to show your video and ask some questions (i.e. be a willing volunteer), please send an email to  so that we can make any technical arrangements to share your video. 

Even if you do not wish to show your work, Sid suggests that by undertaking such a practice run it will improve the value of information presented and questions asked and offer some context for the answers provided.

Join online and give your video content, and by extension your online presence, a boost and help your business grow.