How Was It For You 2019 (& short AGM)

Start Date:
18-Dec-19 06:15 PM
Let's see how we go
Upper Room - (enter from Garners Avenue)
Royal Exchange Hotel
203 Marrickville Road

Event Description

The more observant will have noticed that the last Wednesday of December (which would have been our regular date) will be Christmas Day. Accordingly, rather than attempt forlornly to lure you away from your festivities, we have moved the December date to the 18th.

This will be our Annual "How Was It For You" which is a review of what we did in 2019.  We will look at the topics we addressed and think about which topics you would like to see presented in 2020 and of course, any other ideas you may have that will benefit the group.

We will hold our (very short we promise) AGM at the same time and place.

These however will be only a part of the proceedings and we hope that you will join us for some Christmas cheer and sampling of the new kitchen's delights at the Royal Exchange and celebrate our business achievements together.