Smart Marketing

Start Date:
28-Oct-20 06:30 PM
On Line via Zoom

Event Description

The epithet Smart is attached to many areas of business operation nowadays and conceptualises a modern way of working. 

According to the theory, it can be applied to all areas of business operations to improve effectiveness and value.  Clearly, one of the most important of these in any business is marketing.  In a small business context it is even more important to ensure that your marketing is as Smart as possible, effective and provides value for money and effort.

Jane Hillsdson from Dragonfly Marketing is an award winning specialist with a track record working successfully with small business.  Jane will present her approach to Smart Marketing that creates real impact and talk about how, by using nimble and clever solutions, you can create effective marketing strategies that drive genuine outcomes.  She will also discuss harnessing passion and emotion to spread your message and using leverage to amplify the message.  All key elements of Smart Marketing.

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