Ann Eyres Hypnotherapy 1

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13 David Street, Croydon NSW 2132
041 747 1407

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

Hypnotherapy Sydney is a team of two, highly skilled experienced Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapists. They are located for your convenience, in the inner western suburbs of Sydney, so you can choose a therapist that is suited to your requirements.


Each of our therapists have over a decade of experience, which allows them to assist you to achieve your goals as rapidly and as effectively as possible.


What sets the Hypnotherapy Sydney Team of Hypnotherapists apart from others, is their common bond of training and expertise in both Clinical and Medical hypnosis practice. This gives the members of the Hypnotherapy Sydney Team, a high level of caring dedication to your well-being and a deeper understanding of the extensively acknowledged mind/body connection.


As individuals, they each approach Hypnotherapy in their own unique way, yet that common bond they have together, gives them the leading edge in the field of Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy. You can comfortably rely on their high standards of professionalism and excellence of quality of service.


Whichever of the members of the HypnotherapySydney Team you ultimately choose, you can be assured that particular Hypnotherapist will have the approach, skill, knowledge, dedication and personal attention that you are looking for.